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Q1: What are the characteristics of OpenCloudOS and what scenarios are it suitable for? A1: OpenCloudOS is an operating system community project jointly initiated by operating system, cloud platform, software and hardware vendors and individuals. At the beginning of its establishment, it decided to become a completely open and neutral open source community. The community will aim to build a comprehensive, neutral, open, secure, stable and easy-to-use, high-performance Linux server operating system, and work with member units to build a healthy and prosperous domestic operating system ecosystem. OpenCloudOS is applicable to physical machines, virtual machines, and docker sub-machines, and is suitable for various scenarios such as finance, Internet, government affairs, and desktop.

Q2: What are the self-developed features of OpenCloudOS? A2: Please refer to this page.

Q3: Are OpenCloudOS 8 and CentOS 8 compatible? How do I migrate from CentOS to OpenCloudOS? A3: OpenCloudOS 8 and CentOS 8 maintain binary compatibility in user-mode.Refer to the migration guidelines in the official documentation for migration.

Q4: What operating system versions are supported by the migration tool? A4: All Centos 8 versions except Centos Stream 8 are supported, with more versions in continuous updates.

Q5: Do I need to back up my data before migrating? A5: Backup is required. Tencent cloud server users can refer to cloud hosts to create snapshots, while physical machines require manual backup.

Q6: Is physical machine migration supported? A6: The migration tool supports the migration of both virtual and physical machines.

Q7: How do I resolve an exception during the migration process? A7: Please submit a bug on OpenCloudOS Community Bugzilla and our engineers will answer it for you.

Q8: How is OpenCloudOS compatibility? A8: We continuously update the software and hardware compatibility list within the community, and we have a standard community adaptation process, see Eco Certification Process,Software compatibility can be found in Commercial Software Compatibility List and [Open Source Software Compatibility List]](,and hardware compatibility can be referred to Hardware Compatibility List .

Q9: What should I pay attention to during the migration process? A9: Please refer to the Official Documentation for the migration process precautions..

Q10: CentOS 8 has stopped updating at the end of 2021. Will OpenCloudOS be affected? A10: The OpenCloudOS 8 usermode package is recompiled based on the RHEL 8 source package, and the kernel is custom-developed based on the community 5.4 lts kernel version, which is not affected by the CentOS discontinuation.