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OpenCloudOS V8 Installation Guide With GUI


As an enterprise-level Linux server operating system, OpenCloudOS is independently developed and designed based on the Linux kernel. OpenCloudOS 8.5 is a stable enterprise-level server Linux distribution, and its core capabilities such as stability, security, compatibility and performance have been fully verified.

The ISO of OpenCloudOS currently supports the automatic detection mode. After booting, the installation will perform the installation operation and format the disk for installation. Before performing the installation operation, please make sure that your disk data has been backed up to avoid data loss.

1. Introduction

OpenCloudOS is a customized server operating system developed by the enterprise-level community. The system integrates the advantages of many server series, and adds self-developed software, which is convenient for users to operate and use, and provides all-round (kernel and user mode) operating system support. System features: safe, easy to use, stable, fast, long-term support. The installation image provides support for various software commonly used by the server, and can use online software sources to install and update software. These instructions apply to the installation and use of the OpenCloudOS distribution.

2. Prepare to Install

Before installing OpenCloudOS, your server hardware must be checked.

3. CD Installation

  • Insert the installation CD, enter the BIOS and choose to boot from the CDROM drive during startup
  • Enter the system installation guide selection, select Install to install

4. USB Installation

  • Use rufus software or dd cmdline write ISO images into USB Drive.
  • Insert USB, start server from BIOS USB drive.
  • At installation list page, choose the second category with use.

OpenCloudOS V8 Installation example picture

5. Language Selection

OpenCloudOS Support international language, Select your language and Continue.

OpenCloudOS V8 Language Selection example picture

6. Software Selection

You can select Software group as your favorite to OpenCloudOS ,Click Done go to next step.

OpenCloudOS V8 software selection example picture

7. Seclect Destination Disk

OpenCloudOS supports selecting the installation path. When there are more than two disks on your server, you can choose to install to the specified disk. - After selecting the specified disk, the system will automatically partition and install the system image - Support user-defined partition, click Custom to manually partition, complete Done to next step.

OpenCloudOS V8 seclect destination disk example picture

8. User Settings

You can config your user policy by User Settings, username or password , Root password or normal user password.

OpenCloudOS V8 user settings example picture

OpenCloudOS V8 user settings example picture

9. Complete Installation

If everything goes well,Reboot System to enjoy OpenCloudOS.

OpenCloudOS V8 omplete installation example picture

While Reboot , you would see grub boot menu. Select by up and down Keys and Enter to boot.

OpenCloudOS V8 boot interface example picture

10. Reboot And Login

If reboot successful, Username and password you can type and Enjoy OpenCloudOS .

OpenCloudOS V8 reboot and login example picture